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Rarotonga's fish catches are world class


Wahoo | Sail Fish | Tuna | Shark | Dorado | Marlin | Bonito | Barracuda





The season for Marlin is officially November to March, which is our summer months.

Marlin however can be found in our waters all year round and average in size

from 50Kg to 350Kg.

The most common Marlin here in Rarotonga is the Blue Marlin





Found in our waters during the months of August through to February.
These fish average at 15kg and are excellent eating.
They are a rainbow of colours and look amazing when you see them
coming for the lines. A good fighting fish.











WAHOO: (pa'ara)







These are found in the water off Rarotonga commonly between
June and October. They average around 20kg and are excellent eating.
They can reach speeds of up to 80 km and are a good fighting fish on the line.




Game Fish Records

Species World CIGFC* MV Seafari
Barracuda 85lb (38.55KG) 52LB (23.6kg) 52lb (23.6kg)

Dorado (Maimai)

87lb (39KG) 60.5lb (27.5kg)

59.5lb (27kg)

Maka 1115lb (505.7kg)   169lb (76.6kg)
Spearfish 110lb (50kg)  

35lb (15.9kg)

Sailfish 221lb (100.2kg) 159lb (72.3kg)

132lb (59.8kg)

Wahoo 184lb (83.46kg) 111lb (50.5kg)

111lb (50.5kg)

Skipjack 45lb (20.54kg) 34lb     (15.5kg) 32lb (14.5kg)
Yellowfin 405lb ( 183.7kg) 183lb (83.2kg) 132lb (59.87kg)
Bigeye 435lb (197.31kg)    
Dog Tooth 230lb (104.5kg)    
Striped 494lb (224.07kg)   315lb (143.2kg)
Black 1560lb (707.6kg) 386lb (175.5kg) 260lb (118.2kg)
Blue 1376lb (624kg) 547lb (248.1kg) 374lb (169.6kg)




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